Monday, 3 April 2017

Holy Grail products for fine hair

I have such fine hair and so little of it that I've toyed around with different products for years to add volume. I have the type of hair that doesn't hold a style so if I curled it, it would be straight a half hour later. I've tried different shampoos and conditioners as well as different 'beach hair' products
 but just never got the effect I wanted. But I've finally cracked it!!

I spray this VO5 'plump it up' spray into my hair after I wash it and blow dry roughly, turning my head upside down for added volume.
This spray is an amplifying blow dry lotion with heat defense. It gives the hair more volume and leaves it slightly more gritty so that when you straighten or curl it, the hair hold the style.

Once my hair is dry I spray this Batiste styling spray, its like dry shampoo but its called backcombing spray because it gives he same effect.

I swear by these two and have got my family hooked on them too. Lately I picked up this hair spray for setting my curls and I really like it.  Its the L'oreal studio pro fixing hairspray in strength 5. Make sure you are completely happy with your look before you spray it because it wont be budging once you do. Hopefully if you have the same hair problems as me you'll find this helpful. 

Thanks for reading 
Claire xo